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If you are looking for tree services, you have come to the right place. We are your one stop shop for expert tree trimming, pruning, large tree removal and the health of your trees, by a support staff.

The Midtown Tree Service Difference:

  • Fully Insured: Our Tree Experts and Arborists are out in the field working, not in the office.
  • Concerned: Educating clients about commonplace tree-damaging practices
  • Caring: We want the best for our clients
  • Cordial: Treating our clientele with respect
  • Credentialed: Properly trained, educated and qualified to perform tree care

Midtown Tree Service is a professional tree service company committed to providing flawless execution of arboricultural services that enhance the beauty, health and safety of trees. Our approach to tree care is to predefine the services that are necessary and prioritize work functions over a period of time that best fits into your budget. The objective is to provide necessary care and safety to your trees while eliminating expensive crisis calls.

Our company provides a complete line of professional tree care services to help maintain and preserve our client’s valuable landscapes. We believe we provide the highest quality care for your trees because we adhere to the strictest of standards and use only the highest quality products and equipment. Doing so allows us to provide our clients with consistent, dependable and high quality results!


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