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Identifying Potential Tree Hazards

Large white oak tree punctures roof on house

Trees are an invaluable to the environment, providing oxygen to the atmosphere and food sources for animals. They also give cover, creating a peaceful atmosphere around homes. However, trees have potential hazards that you should not overlook.Here are ways of identifying tree hazards to avoid losses and lawsuits. 1. Damaged, Hanging or Broken Limbs Damaged, […]

4 Reasons You Should Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard

Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

When it comes to tree removal, one of the most important steps is to take care of the tree stump. While it’s tempting to leave it behind and hope for the best, removing the stump can provide several advantages. It’s also a much safer option than leaving the stump to decay over time. Let’s take […]