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broken fallen trunk old poplar tree

4 Signs a Tree Is About to Fall

A fallen tree can make you dig into your pocket due to property damage or the injury of a loved one. Trees fall for various reasons, including fungi, water damage, or other external factors. Just because a tree is huge and sturdy doesn’t mean it is not susceptible to damage. You should pay attention to the telltale signs showing your tree is about to fall.

1. Sudden Leaning or Shifting

It is common for trees on your property to lean from time to time. Trees usually lean towards light or shift due to the persistent wind exposure over time. However, a sudden lurch of a tree to one side is a cue that it’s about to fall. When trees suddenly lean in one direction, they lose their strength and eventually collapse.

In such instances, it is critical to observe the tree’s base. If the soil is swelling upwards, the tree is about to fall. Therefore, you will need to get in touch with an arborist to sort everything out. You should have your trees inspected and keep people or pets away from the area until the professional arborist gives you the go-ahead.

2. Dead Branches

When your tree lacks nutrients, its branches die and fall. Root rot is a common cause of dead branches and leaves since the tree cannot nourish them. As a result, the tree sheds off its branches to survive on the available nutrients. One gust of wind is enough to take the dead branches down. It could happen anytime, even on a hot and sunny day.

3. Hollow Spots in the Trunk

A crack in the trunk is an indication that your tree is splitting. Like any other cavities, tree cavities result from decay. The decay usually comes from within the tree due to improper pruning. As the cavities grow, the trunk weakens, unable to support itself. Strong winds will quickly take down the entire tree or its branches.

4. Rotten Roots

It can be challenging to identify rotten roots since the soil usually covers them. Look out for fungus, falling leaves, mushrooms around the base, and dead branches. Once you identify these signs, get hold of a certified arborist to help develop an action plan on the treatment of the tree before it falls.

If you have trees on your property, whether a business or home, you must be watchful of the signs that they are about to fall. At Midtown Tree Service, we are professional arborists in Tulsa, OK. We provide tree removal, stump grinding, trimming, pruning, bracing, commercial tree service, emergency tree services, and more.

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